• Good physical and mental health
  • Graduated from an approved school of nursing which offer courses and instructions equivalent to or not inferior to Tanzania requirements
  • Licensed in the country you attended the nursing instruction
  • Unrevoked license in all jurisdictions in which a license is or has been held
  • If your license has not been current or you have not been actively engaged in nursing practices within the past five years, Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Council may reject the application
  • The application for registration and licencing is done online through and the applicant shall fill all required particulars

Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Council (TNMC) is a Professional regulatory Authority operating with the legal power given by the Nursing and Midwifery Act, 2010. Under section 44 of the Act, it is illegal to employ any person to practice nursing or midwifery who is not licensed or authorized by the council.   Any Nurse or Midwife who wish to practice in Tanzania shall be registered and licensed with the TNMC.

  • All payment will be done through Government Electronic Payment Gate (GePG) by using a generated control number.
    • Nurse staying in Tanzania for a period of not more than 20 days is required to pay Tshs 230,000
    • Nurse staying in Tanzania for a period of not more than 3 months is required to pay Tshs 350,000
    • Nurse staying in Tanzania for a period more than 3 months – is required to pay   Tshs 500,000
  • Attach certified photocopies of your certificates, licences and transcript. If they are not in English, they should be translated.
  • As part of the registration process, the Council will contact all countries in which a current licence is held. The Council reserves the right to check with all countries in which the applicant has ever been licenced.
  • Attach recent passport size photograph
  • Attach a letter from your anticipated employer in Tanzania.
  • Please allow at least seven days to process your registration upon reception of all required documents.
  • In case you face with any challenges do not hesitate to inquire from us using contacts provided below