Any Nursed or Midwife who wish to practice in Tanzania shall be registered or enrolled and licensed with the Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Under section 15 of the Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Act 2010, the following are illegibility for registration and enrolment as a Nurse or Midwife Trained in Tanzania.

  1. Is a person of good conduct
  2. Has successfully completed a course of training as a nurse or midwife in approved training institution and the council satisfied that the standards of such training are not inferior to the approved standards
  3. Pass the licensure examination conducted by Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Council (TNMCLE)
  4. For graduate Nurses and Midwives, successful completed 52 weeks of Internship training in approved teaching Hospitals.
  5. After release of the licensure examination results, verification of candidates will proceed to clear any challenges which may affect registration and enrolment process. Verification will include information filled by applicants, quality of passport size photos and validity of attached documents.
  1. Registration, Enrolment and Licensing will be done only to candidates who fulfilled the above-mentioned requirements. Once registration, enrolment and licensing process completed, nurses or midwives will receive certificates and licenses within three months after preliminary release of Licensure examination results.

The council will organize official professional certification to all qualified nurses and midwives. The ceremony will include orientation to professional issues which will guide them in their carrier. The registration and enrolment process is done online through


Important documents to be attached to support registration process, Enrolment and Licensing

  1. Recent passport size photo as prescribed in licensure Examination requirements
  2. Birth certificates
  3. Secondary school certificates
  4. Accurate information of Nursing/ midwifery school attended
  5. Number of National Identity card (NIDA)
  6. For Intern Nurses and Midwives certificates of Universities, Provisional Registration certificate and completion of Internship
  7. For in service, attach Nursing or Midwifery current licence